North Atlantic Herring

Sustainably Sourced, Grade "A" Herring from the North Atlantic Ocean



The highest level of food safety is maintained by our dedicated staff in accordance with our HACCP plan and Kosher Certification.

All natural


All Noon Hour Foods products contain  the highest quality natural ingredients.

Our History

Since 1876

Established in 1876 as Benson Fish Company and located in Chicago’s historic Haymarket Square since 1911, Noon Hour Food Products has been providing generations of U.S. consumers with high quality, traditional Scandinavian delicacies for over a century. 

Now in its fourth generation of Buhl family ownership, Noon Hour remains committed to continuing the tradition of offering the finest quality products and service while introducing new foods and techniques worthy of the company’s honored reputation.

By maintaining its commitment to quality, Noon Hour’s goal is to expand its business one customer at a time. We continue to use only the finest Grade “A” herring from the North Atlantic and Scandinavia.  Only fresh and natural ingredients are added to our products. 


In addition to our time honored curing and processing standards, all products are packed to both HAACP and Kosher certification.


Noon Hour’s diverse product offering includes varieties of Pickled Herring, traditional Norwegian Lutefisk, Swedish Pancake Mix and Specialty Cheese and we continue to add new flavor varieties and specialty foods.

Exclusive Specialty Foods


Dating back to 1911 and the original Lund's Swedish Pancake House in downtown Denver, Lund's Swedish Pancakes have been delighting consumers for over 100 years and are still available today exclusively through Noon Hour Food Products.


Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix makes a lightly sweet, tender pancake great for any occasion. Our simple, easy to make recipe is great with traditional toppings of lingonberry, apple sauce or powdered sugar and maple syrup or can be combined with any of your favorite toppings to create your own special treat.


This domestic, farmers style specialty cheese is a high-moisture semi-soft cheese, perfect for snack trays and hors d'oeuvres, as well as for slicing or melting and is particularly good in grilled cheese.  The original Swedish formulation created by the Stromwall Brothers was brought to the United States in 1900 and has been faithfully produced, true to their recipe, in Wisconsin ever since.


Its smooth, soft texture and versatility coupled with its mild, buttery taste make it easy to understand why the Scandinavians prize Bond-Ost so highly.  Traditionally a Scandinavian holiday food, Bond-Ost is in great demand in the winter months. 


Comprised only of potato flour, Swan Potato Starch Flour is perfect for those on a grain-restrictive or gluten free diet.  Swan Potato Flour can be used in any kitchen to make and thicken sauces, gravies, puddings, baked goods, and for any cooking where flour or a thickening agent is required.

What is Pickled Herring?

A staple throughout Europe since Medieval times, Pickled Herring is a delicacy that that is enjoyed by families worldwide throughout the year and as part of their holiday traditions.  Most pickled herring, including Noon Hour Pickled Herring, is cured using a two-step curing process, which includes an initial curing with salt to extract water and a second curing to remove the salt and add custom flavors.


While Noon Hour Food Products has been instrumental in introducing pickled herring to the United States since the late 1911, it has been enjoyed for centuries by families in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics, Japan and Canada and is also part of many Jewish and Christian holiday meals worldwide.


Sourced from the North Atlantic, pickled herring is good source of Omega 3s and vitamins D3 and B12 as well as Selenium. 


At Noon Hour, by using only very mild vinegar cured fillets, with substantially less salt, Noon Hour Herring possesses a cleaner, milder taste profile that appeals to a wider segment of the market, while still satisfying the ethnic tastes of the traditional herring consumer.



High in Omega 3's and with very little of the mercury and other contaminants found in larger fish, herring is a healthy seafood option.



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